Sam Bassett

Sam Bassett is conceptuele kunstenaar , filmmaker and getalenteerde fotograaf. Hij is vooral bekend om zijn rijkgevulde portfolio vol met indrukwekkende portretten van zowel bekende als onbekende personen.

Het is redelijk groot , maar de portretten zijn wel allemaal stuk voor stuk de moeite waard om te bekijken. Enkele van mijn favorieten voorbeelden hier beneden , de rest vind je op zijn website.

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Rosally Sapla at 212 751 3321 dir / 917 969 7483 mbl / email:
Alaina Simone at 917 941 2245 mbl / email:
Sam Bassett presents New York Premiere
of “Seven Nights @ The Hotel Chelsea Rooftop”
Rare first look at acclaimed young director’s seven film series studying cross-generational friendships with his seven larger-than-life friends
WHAT: In late July 2009, for the first time, director/photographer Sam Bassett presents “Seven Nights @ The Hotel Chelsea Rooftop,” a deeply personal single-subject documentary film series. Bassett’s seven films, shot, produced and edited over six months, study the diverse American ideologies and archetypes through the lens of his unique cross-generational friendships with his subjects. The premiere offers a rare and emotionally intimate visit with elusive characters of past American generations — from a charming East Village “cowboy”, to the woman who inadvertently launched the modern gay movement, and a world renown poet, filmmaker and photographer weighing the cost of creative expression.  Presented in order of creation, the series forms the director’s own story as he tries to learn and create a vehicle for his subjects to tell America’s rich cultural history of freedom and struggle in the modern age. Screened at the historic hotel, known as the birthplace of modern creative art, the series culminates in the telling of The Hotel Chelsea’s former owner Stanley Bard’s relationship with the director, who he handpicked as the hotel’s last permanent resident. Admission is free, upon invite in response to RSVP. Limited seating available.
WHERE: World-famous landmark, The Hotel Chelsea @ 222 West 23rd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Rooftop garden. Special instructions for access provided upon RSVP.
WHEN:  Monday, July 20 – Sunday, July 27. Each screening opens with a cocktail reception from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. One film will be screened each night starting at dusk or approximately 8:00PM, presented in the order of creation. A brief audience Q&A with the director and subject of the respective subject will immediately follow the screening (Press interviews will be arranged and expedited upon request).
Mon 7/20 Cowboy Stan, 87 minutes
Tue 7/21-Bettina, 87 minutes
Wed 7/22-Ira Cohen, 120 minutes
Thu 7/23-Columbia, 85 minutes
Fri 7/24-Constance, 90 minutes
Sat 7/25-Storme, 85 minutes
Sun 7/26-Stanley, 80 minutes
 WHO:  Media are invited for a special screening series by independent avant-garde film director Sam Bassett. Each night, Sam Bassett and the subject of the film will be present to offer insight and background into the making of the film, the impact and of what he or she hopes each viewer will take away. Open to the general public upon invite only due to limited seating available.
To RSVP for the event, prospective attendees should email
Sam Bassett is a filmmaker, photographer and contemporary artist, whose films express the same passion and intensity from his past as a childhood magician, teenage pilot, an All-American captain of the championship 2000 Syracuse University National Lacrosse Team. His work frequently appears in the world’s top fashion and lifestyle publications and has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue’s, GQ, Maxim, Flaunt, and Marie Clare, among numerous other publications and best-selling book covers. His films were featured in the Berlin Film Festival, Evil City Film Festival, and have been screened at the MoMA in Phoenix, Arizona. Notably, Bassett was the last tenant hand picked by Stanley Bard at the end of his fifty year reign as owner of The Hotel Chelsea, symbolizing the end to one of the most prolific eras of art history. Bassett lives and works in the penthouse suite of the legendary hotel.
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